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Fabiana believes in the power of art to inspire and heal the soul; and her art comes from a place of deep resonance with both

the natural and spiritual worlds.

As a child, she inherited the ability to communicate with the spirit world and serve as a conduit to our earthly world.  

The realization of this gift has led her to a creative journey as a self- taught artist, intuitively painting enchanted scenes where nature and spirit interwine.

For Fabiana, the most important aspect of her art and spiritual practices, is healing. 

She is also certified in Art Therapy, and is a Reiki practitioner - using her intuition to offer guidance to clients of all ages, encouraging them to move in a positive direction and face the challenges that may lie ahead of them.

Fabiana has shown her work at many venues around the world,  and her own Art Studio in Ossipee, New Hampshire near the White Mountains. 

For more information call 

ph. 603-733-9594


If you also like to schedule a reading or a session you can visit her 


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